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Are you looking for the steps, by which you can install your TP-link router using tp link? Now, your wait is over, because today we have come up with the step by step Course of action for above-mentioned topic. So let’s begin to Install TP-Link router with Cable Modem with the help of tp link login address.

  • First of all, a user needs to turn off router or modem and then your computer.
  • Now, Connect modem with WAN port of TP-Link router by the use of Ethernet cable & connect the key computer with TP-Link router’s LAN port through an Ethernet cable.
  • Put your router in power on mode, after that the modem and the computer.
  • Now it is the time, to log into your TP-link router web based utility using tp link login IP.
  • Next, configure WAN connection type.
  • After login to the TP-link router 192 168 0 1 router login Web-based utility, click on Network then WAN from the Menu.
  • Now, make a selection of Dynamic IP as the WAN Connection Type, just on the right side of the web page & then click on save Button.
  • Just wait for few seconds & verify the WAN part on Status page, In case it show some IP address, it mean that the connection among TP-link Router & the Modem is confirmed.
  • Next, click on option of Network then MAC Clone & next Click on Clone MAC Address, after that click on save button.

  • In case, there is no WAN IP address still, try to restart your cable modem & wait for another 10 seconds, & then restart the TP-Link router. Following restarting process, you must get WAN IP address & Internet entrance.

How to Upgrade firmware for TP-Link Router using tp link Login IP?

Devices that have firmware in them must be updated occasionally using tp link login address because our routers are not less than any other computer. Firmware is basically the encoding, required for definite devices to work on their designated tasks. Not like software, we can’t use firmware for performing particular actions on devices, but in its place, use it for their key roles.

As of this, firmware updates are seldom needed to ensuring the device work the way they meant, as bugs are set & programs are changed for user’s benefits. By means of firmware updates, upgrading made to the efficiency of devices can be attained immediately & by not including any extra cost, increase the practice while using them.

Today, we will talk about how we can upgrade firmware for TP-Link router using login IP address. In TP-link routers, you will find a number of routers models with different hardware in them. So, while starting upgrading firmware version in TP-Link router, first verify hardware version of your device. While upgrading firmware for your router makes sure you are using same hardware version. Otherwise choosing Wrong firmware upgrading can harm your device or null and void the warranty.

Points to be noted: – Never upgrade firmware for TP-link router via wireless connection.

And don’t turn off the power or cut down Ethernet cable in process of upgrade procedure.

  • Start, by downloading the fresh firmware version for TP-link router.
  • Go for download centre for Region in which you are living on the TP-Link website using login IP, and then make the selection of correct drop downs for TP-Link product. Not to forget, to choose the equivalent hardware version & then click on Firmware.
  • Next, Unzip/take out the Firmware as of the downloaded.ZIP file.
  • Time to login to TP-Link router’s web management page. If you don’t know the steps for TP-Link router’s web management page for admin log in.
  • Now, Click on System Tools-Firmware Upgrade & click on Browse or Choose File for searching extracted firmware & Tap on open.
  • Time to click on Upgrade button & after that device will reboot automatically, just after upgrade gets completes.
  • Time to Click on Status & ensure, if the router’s firmware has been upgraded or not.
  • You will notice that few firmware updates will restore the router to factory settings. | www.

Install a TP-Link router to work with a DSL modem using www. TP-Link IP

Nowadays a lot of difference has been seen in the technique, how home users are accessing the Internet. Some time ago no one even thinks of setting up of home networks for www. sharing data & Internet connection. But today, it is a common thing in that houses that are using more than one computer.

An advantage connected with usage of wireless networks is that they may comprise among others, eradication of cluttered cables typically linked to customary network settings. It also permits high-speed broadband connection contributing in a wider area & with an almost added number of computer tp link machines contrasted to the 4-port limit for wired connections. So, for now, we will take a look at how we can install a TP-Link router to work with a DSL modem.

  • Start by Turning off your modem or router and computer.
  • Now user can Connect modem with WAN port of the TP-Link router through an Ethernet cable & connect a computer with TP-Link router’s LAN port through an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, user should first power on router & computer then modem.
  • Now, it is the time to Log into TP-link router’s web-based management page. Default login IP for accessing TP-Link router login page is tp link
  • After login to TP-link router’s web-based management page, start configuring WAN Connection form.
  • After login to TP-link router web-based management page, click on Network then WAN on left of web page.
  • Make selection of the Dynamic IP as WAN Connection Type, on web page then click on save button.
  • Now, wait for hardly any minutes & verify WAN part on the Status page, if it demonstrates some IP address it means the connection among TP-link Router & Modem is established.
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